Greetings, and welcome to The Anglophilic Anglican!

As the tagline suggests, this blog is intended to be a record of my musings on things of an Anglican, English (British, including Celtic), or related nature, interpreted as broadly as possible. I am a writer, informal educator, and ordained Anglican deacon who has long had a strong interest, inherited from my parents, in England and the British Isles in general: history, culture, archaeology, and much else.* Since 1989, I have also found my chief religious and spiritual expressions within the traditions of those same “green islands in the grey North Sea,” as Robin Williamson so evocatively put it. Hopefully some will find my comments, reflections, and postings of items of interest worth reading!

  • Notwithstanding my love of the United States and our representative, Constitutional system, and my deep respect and reverence for those who have died to preserve our rights and freedoms, my writings and sharings here will have a decidedly Monarchist cast. It is worth remembering that most of those rights and freedoms came from our British heritage; and that at least for the first year of the Revolution, the vast majority of the patriots and Founders were fighting for our “rights as Englishmen,” without any intention of dissolving the bonds which linked us to our Mother Country. That came later, and regretfully, for most. There are, of course, certain issues ~ such as the Second Amendment ~ that would require, shall we say, negotiation, if we were ever to become a Commonwealth Realm. But I do not think that such challenges would be insurmountable…