Happy 90th Birthday to Her Majesty, The Queen!


The Queen meets well wishers during a walkabout close to Windsor Castle in Berkshire as she celebrates her 90th birthday. The British Monarchy

One of the things that I think is awesome about the British Commonwealth (approximately, though not precisely, coterminous with the former British Empire) is how epically “multicultural” it is — and in the good and true sense of a myriad of cultures and ethnicities being celebrated and allowed to flourish in their own historic spheres, not all mashed and muddled together everywhere — which to me is the precise opposite of true diversity.

And because of this, The Queen is loved in many places beyond the British Isles (even as a handful of Brits find it fashionable to trash the Monarchy at home, in the same way that some idiots here trash our American history and heritage). Here is but one example of this, from many I’ve seen among the birthday wishes for Her Majesty on the various British Monarchy-related pages:

Terry Otonye Igoni writes on Facebook, “The entire Niger Delta and Brass Kingdom of Nigeria humbly wishing HRH our mother Queen Elizabeth who was born on this day the year 1926. Long live the Monarch… Long live the Commonwealth of 53 independent countries and 2.2 billion citizens.”

Something about that just really touches me!

Four Generations of England’s Royal Family


On the happy occasion of Her Brittanic Majesty’s 90th Birthday! The reigning Monarch, Sovereign Lady of Great Britain and the Commonwealth Realms, Queen Elizabeth II, with her heirs: Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George!

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II


Though a magnificently Monarchical picture, this Royal photo makes Her Majesty look much more severe than I like to think of her. Still, it is not entirely inappropriate, given her position as Sovereign not only of the United Kingdom, but a full sixteen Commonwealth Realms, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations, also known as the British Commonwealth and Anglosphere, with no less than 53 nations (personally, I think there should be 54 nations, and seventeen Realms, but I know not all Americans would agree with me…). The sun may have set on the British Empire, but that does not mean that Great Britain is not without significance in the world, or its Monarch without influence!