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It is, of course, neither my place nor my intention to tell (or even suggest to) anyone in another country what they should do. But despite my desire to keep this blog mostly free from controverted political issues, I have to ask: is this what the people of Britain want? For the Royal Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force to become merely arms of an EU military, responsible not to the Queen or Parliament, but to an un-elected, unaccountable, non-British bureaucracy based in Brussels, but operated, for all intents and purposes, by Germany?

And a Germany, at that, whose government has made it clear that part of their goal is to drastically change the whole complexion — literally as well as figuratively — of Europe itself, through massive migration from Islamic countries? Is Britain going to allow Germany to accomplish by political means what it was unable to through two World Wars — the complete subjugation of Europe? And a Europe almost unrecognizable as such, at that? I hope not! Whatever happened to

“Rule Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!

For Britons never never never shall be slaves”…?

I have considerable German heritage myself, and I am completely at a loss to understand what’s going through the minds of the German government at this point in history. But whatever it is, does Britain want to be part of it? I sincerely hope not! I do not mean to tell my British friends what to do, and I am not telling them what to do. But I am hoping, praying, and yes, pleading: let June 23rd be Britain’s Independence Day! Shake off the shackles of the EU before it’s too late.

June 23rd - Britain's Independence Day

A man can dream, can’t he…?

Her Majesty The Queen - Grand Union

(… and yes, if we ever did become a Commonwealth Realm, the Grand Union flag seems to me to make the most sense as the “American Ensign.” It is historic and traditional to us, as a Nation, and it speaks of the time — right up through at least the first year of the Revolution — when the vast majority of the patriots and Founders were fighting for our “rights as Englishmen,” and did not really seek dissolution of the ties which bound us to Great Britain. That came later, and reluctantly, for most…)