Yes, the Old Mass is ‘rigid’ – that’s one reason young people love it

Source: Yes, the Old Mass is ‘rigid’ – that’s one reason us young people love it –

While this refers to the Latin (“old”) form of the Roman Catholic Mass, a lot of what the author says here can be seen to apply to the classical Anglican tradition of Common Prayer, as well, as I hope to show by some judicious “tweaking” of the linked article:

“First of all, the [classical liturgy] is simply more beautiful than the modern one: better vestments, more solemn songs, more reverence. Beauty is an attribute of God. If beauty decreases, it becomes more difficult to see God.”

The classical, traditional Anglican liturgy is beautiful, dignified, and reverent: “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” could have been written with it in mind!

“Second, the [classical Prayer Book liturgy] provides a deeper sense of [Anglican] identity. [Public worship] in many parishes today has become too similar to [generic] Protestant celebrations. And if we wanted to be [generic] Protestants, we could easily convert.”

The liturgical movement has blurred distinctions between churches. The liturgy in many contemporary Episcopal churches, for instance, is (intentionally, on the part of the reformers) difficult to distinguish from a Lutheran, Methodist, or Presbyterian one. Sameness, uniformity, is boring and dilutes the distinctiveness, energy, and integrity of authentic traditions. Continue reading “Yes, the Old Mass is ‘rigid’ – that’s one reason young people love it”