On forced equality

Artificial equality - Edmund Burke.jpg

It is, in my opinion, precisely the forcing of everything and everyone into an artificial semblance, not only of equality-in-principle, but equality-in-practice, or more accurately identicality, which has been and remains the source of a lot of our present problems. Why? Because it is counter to observed reality, and tends toward authoritarianism, or worse.

All men are indeed created equal; that is, all human souls are of equal worth in the eyes of God, but not all are equal, by any means, in a material or pragmatic sense, in this world; still less are they identical. And this is true of the products of human endeavor, no less than of humans ourselves.

By pretending that everything and everyone is of equal worth, we have given up the ability – or at least the willingness – to practice discrimination in the classical sense: that is, discernment, the considering of people and things on their merits.

And the effort to hammer every peg, whether square or otherwise, into the same round hole, is the root of totalitarian oppression. Enforced equality ends in despotism.

“All that is to last is slow to grow.”

All that is to last is slow to grow.jpg

It is as true in culture and society as it is in the world of nature: that which springs up quickly, generally withers just as quickly. Deep and lasting roots are required to support continued life and growth. And that which is severed from its roots quickly dies…