New Orleans is Ground Zero | Abbeville Institute

The social justice jihad to eliminate “white supremacy” was spawned by the successful eradication of Confederate memorabilia.

Source: New Orleans is Ground Zero | Abbeville Institute

Americans were not overly concerned about the disparagement of Confederate heroes but when the disparagement was turned against the Founding Fathers and Western Civilization in general, they began to take notice. The public finally realized they weren’t witnessing isolated incidents but a well-coordinated movement, promulgated by national and international forces.

If anything, I fear this statement may be a bit too optimistic: I am not at all sure enough of the American public has begun to awaken to the reality of the situation, at least not yet. I hope and pray they will! This blog is part of my contribution to encouraging that awakening.

At any rate, this essay is an excellent, if sobering, discussion of the situation. New Orleans is indeed “ground zero.” If the forces of violent revisionism, cultural cleansing, and the suppression and removal of anything deemed “offensive” by or to the decidedly illiberal left are successful in NOLA, they will only be emboldened elsewhere.

The camel’s nose is already in the tent. We need to make darned sure the rest of the camel doesn’t get inside!

A Question of Culture – Ethika Politika

What is a culture, what is a civilization, if not a collective sense of self-identity and awareness, of historical memory and placement in the world and in time itself?

Source: A Question of Culture – Ethika Politika

Another excellent essay from my friend, Ryan Hunter. A few excerpts:

This common thread of shared and essential practices, customs, and rituals both gives a people a positive sense of who they are and what they value, and also distinguishes them as particular from their neighbors…

For Christianity to dwindle or even begin to die out in Europe and the West, in other words, is for the core cultural basis common to European – and therefore, all of Western – civilization to die. Not only our common religious heritage and life, but the sacred and secular architecture, music, sculpture, painting, philosophy, and literature which we all converse in, appreciate, and recognize would also fade and die as well.

Sadly, if current trends hold, this outcome seems all too likely…

The Counter-Revolution: Crowning the World Again | Part I

As monarchists and religiously devout men, we occupy a place the world has lacked for centuries. We stand alone against many forces which fight against any remaining good.

Source: The Counter-Revolution: Crowning the World Again | Part I

Sophistry is the softest, and violence the most virulent act of these foes. We remain firm in our foundations, opposing the world dominated by the poison of the Frankfurt School and the emotional appeals to false liberty brought about by the “Enlightenment”. Our ideas have roots in the greats, such as Plato, Aristotle, and St. Thomas Aquinas, in fulfillment of commandments from God Himself. We honor the duty set before us by the Apostle Paul to honor the King, and to insure the survival of the Church’s greatest defender – the institution of monarchy.

I think he’s a bit too hard on our Founding Fathers – they weren’t all Christ-denying Deists! – but otherwise, I am basically in agreement with this essay. A lot of good and thought-provoking commentary!

The most immediate response by most is that monarchy is an absolute failure. Chaos reigned in the streets, there were constant invaders from foreign lands, and shadowy figures in government had more control than those who were presented to the people.

No. That’s right now.

Isn’t that the sad truth…….?