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“One hundred and fifty-two years after the War Between the States, people are still debating the greatest tragedy in the history of America, just as those who lived during that period could not find the right answer to close the argument. Thus, a war was fought to settle the issue. But the debate continues. Was it about economy or slavery? Was it about the right of secession?”

Source: Save Civil War history | Commentary |

An excellent article by Thomas Pinckney Lowndes, Jr., an attorney in Charleston, South Carolina. Very excellent indeed! I fear, however, that Mr. Lowndes is preaching to the choir. Those who most need to hear these words are unlikely to do so, or to heed them if they read them, more’s the pity.

“The removal of monuments, names from schools and buildings, street names, and flags seeks to paint the South as evil. Thus, they must be buried, placed in the attic, not to be seen or spoken of again. This extremist attitude is radicalism to the core. It is this sort of inflammatory rhetoric that caused the great calamity of the Nineteenth century…

“Removal of all things Confederate does not foster common ground but divides…

“Ignorance is the poster child of extremism and extremism breeds radicalism. Enlightenment must eclipse ignorance. Respect for the sentiments of the various views as to the causes of that cataclysmic event of 1860-1865 are necessary for peace and desired tranquility in the country in which we all live. North or South, we are still Americans all.”

I fear greatly that we may be heading down a slippery slope leading to a new and more accurately-named Civil War: this time, not North vs South per se, but all against all. And it was not Southerners nor Confederates who precipitated this present crisis (*), but those who hate not only the Confederacy but all things American, as well: look at the attacks on Andrew Jackson, hero of the War of 1812, or Sam Houston, the father of Texas; against the Revolutionary-War-era Gadsden flag, even against such national forefathers as Washington and Jefferson. And the list could be lengthened distressingly.

This lunacy of radical historical revisionism and destruction of age-old symbols must end, and end soon, before we plummet off the precipice toward which we are rapidly sliding.


* Some may cite the example of Dylan Roof, whose despicable murder of African-American church members appears to have sparked – or at least, served as an excuse for – the present strife. But is it just to blame an entire culture for the actions of one lunatic? Is that not the argument used by so-called “liberals” to justify the refusal of our present society to come to grips with the spectre of Islamic terrorism – and that happening now, not 150 years in the past?