Merrie Olde England… and the Puritans who killed her

While we’re on the subject of things as they used to be: this brief account of the “Old Ways” in “Merrie Olde England” until the Puritans ruined it appears in Kevin Phillips’ book, The Cousins’ Wars: Religion, Politics, Civil Warfare, and the Triumph of Anglo-America. Ah, if only I had a time machine…!


Author: The Anglophilic Anglican

I am an ordained Anglican clergyman, published writer, former op-ed columnist, and experienced outdoor and informal educator. I am also a traditionalist: religiously, philosophically, politically, and socially. I seek to do my bit to promote and restore the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, in a world which has too-often lost touch with all three, and to help re-weave the connections between God, Nature, and humankind which our techno-industrial civilization has strained and broken.

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