How To Fight Islamic Terrorism – Part III – BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN

Source: How To Fight Islamic Terrorism – Part III – BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN

” It is essential that we understand this: We are not only fighting terrorists. We are fighting Islamic terrorists. There is a huge difference and since some like to state that the IRA was just as bad, let me use that as an example: The IRA wanted all of Ireland to be under Irish rule. Isis wants most or all of Europe to be under Islamic rule. Anyone who can’t see the difference, is either lying or too dumb to have read this far. The point is: If you can not identify your enemy, you can not effectively fight a war.”

Commonsense recommendations on how to fight Islamic terrorism, from Norse author and blogger Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen. Bjørn writes from Norway, and this article is directed primarily toward England – in light of the most recent vehicle- and stabbing attack by jihadist militants – but it applies across Europe and in the U.S., too. Part 3 of 3.


Author: The Anglophilic Anglican

I am an ordained Anglican clergyman, published writer, former op-ed columnist, and experienced outdoor and informal educator. I am also a traditionalist: religiously, philosophically, politically, and socially. I seek to do my bit to promote and restore the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, in a world which has too-often lost touch with all three, and to help re-weave the connections between God, Nature, and humankind which our techno-industrial civilization has strained and broken.

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