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Canada has been a monarchy for centuries – first under the kings of France in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, then under the British Crown in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and now as a kingdom in her own right. These lands had been occupied for thousands of years by Aboriginal Peoples who, now for many centuries, have maintained an enduring and very close relationship with the person of the Sovereign and the Crown of Canada.

Source: Canada | The Royal Family

For further information on the history of Canada and its relationship with the UK and Her Majesty, The Queen, follow the link!


O Canada! Happy Canada Day to all those of Canadian citizenship or heritage.

And not just any Canada Day – Happy 150th Canada Day!

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The Queen, as the constitutional Canadian Monarch and Head of State, has a long and close relationship with Canada, and has visited 24 times during Her reign. Canada Day is celebrated annually on 1st July – 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada and the Canadian Federation.

(Formerly, I should note – from 1867 to 1953 – the Dominion of Canada!