In Their Own Words: This Chilling Chant Shows What ‘Antifa’ Fascists are All About

These four words tell you everything you need to know about antifa.

Source: In Their Own Words: This Chilling Chant Shows What ‘Antifa’ Fascists are All About

What are those four words, chanted at the Berkeley “demonstration” on Saturday? Listen for yourself:

Hard to miss: “No Trump. No Wall. No USA at all!”

Note those last four words. Mark them. Ponder them. Consider their implications.

You don’t have to like President Trump. I don’t, particularly, although I do respect him as the Constitutionally-elected President of the United States. You don’t have to agree with the concept of a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants. I think we should keep out illegal immigrants, and deport those who are already here, but I am ambivalent on whether a border wall is the best way to do that.

But… “No USA at all”…?

Yep, the article is correct: that tells you everything you need to know about these… people (and I used the term loosely).

This is what we’re fighting, folks. While the politicians and media and the professional complainers of the Left are whining and moaning about “racists,” “white supremacists,” Nazis, and God knows what-and-all, this is what’s sneaking in the back door. Except that they’re not exactly sneaking, anymore. More like breaking down the front door!

And we’re not fighting it; too many Americans are embracing it, or – what is almost as bad – ignoring it, and hoping it’ll go away. But it won’t. It’s a disease, a cancer, and if we don’t oppose it, actively and vigorously, it will spread and worsen.

“No USA at all.”

Is this what we want? Really?

The Deeper Meaning Behind Wearing a Dirndl – Rare Dirndl Blog

Source: The Deeper Meaning Behind Wearing a Dirndl – Rare Dirndl Blog

Another diversion to the German side of my ancestral heritage! I have to confess, I like seeing a woman wearing a dirndl – if it’s a real one, not (as the author puts it) a “beer wench costume [from] Amazon”: always have, always will. I also very much enjoyed this blog post’s discussion of the deeper implications of dirndl-wearing.

And I particularly like the young woman in the picture above, because this is a contemporary rendition of the traditional outfit, proving a) that it’s not just an antiquarian affectation, and b) as I have said more than once on this blog, traditional is attractive! It is possible to be demure and alluring at the same time, and this lovely young lady is proof.


“10,000 Students Learn About FREE SPEECH” – YouTube

“This generation are like an emotional marshmallow” – youth speaker Brooks Gibbs delivers a sorely-needed dose of reality to a large and youthful audience. Just wish more people could hear it! And as one commentator put it, “If you find yourself upset with what this man is saying, then you are the kind of person he is talking about.” Yep. Exactly!

On the importance of the Holy Communion


“When was the Church most impotent? It was in those ages in which the Blessed Sacrament was most misunderstood, most dishonored, most ignored. It was in those times when the Church was overwhelmed by materialism and its officials were time-servers, the least conscious of the supernatural and of the high estate of their calling. And certainly the opposite has been true and is true today. A true spiritual revival has come into the Church when the sacrament of Holy Communion was most honored and revered. The result was not only a deepening of great spirituality, but a revival in inner missions, home missions, and foreign missions. The source of the amazing revivals in the Church which have lasted and spread through the Church and the world is the Holy Communion. It has always been the source of the most amazing things done in the kingdom.”

The Presence, by Berthold von Schenk

This book was first published in 1945, and sadly, the present day – 60+ years later – seems to be another example of “those times when the Church [is] overwhelmed by materialism and its officials [are] time-servers, the least conscious of the supernatural and of the high estate of their calling.” At least, in too many of its branches. But God be thanked, by His grace a revival is always possible!

And God willing, in just a couple more months, I shall be ordained to the priesthood and able to celebrate this most holy and blessed Sacrament! Thanks be to God!

Gottesdienst Online: Call no man father… the definitive post

Source: Gottesdienst Online: Call no man father…the definitive post

Because this occasionally comes up amongst “Low Church” Anglicans, this excellent concise summary (from a Lutheran perspective, but perhaps all the more significant for that fact) is worth linking:

Let’s examine what Jesus says. It’s an absolute statement: call no one your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. The statement is either literal and means “call no human being on earth by the term father” or it is in some sense figurative, with the figure in the word “call,” that is, “realize that no man on earth is really your father, even though you have many fathers on earth, for there is only One True Father.”

Well, if it’s the former then how is it that we all call our fathers father? How does one justify that in light of Jesus’ statement? “Call no man father” does not make room for biological exceptions. That is, if there is a figure here it certainly can’t be in the negative particle because the whole force of the statement is most obviously aimed at earthly, biological fathers. There is no way the statement means “Call your dad father but nobody else.”

Follow the link for more!

How totalitarianism is winning in the west |

The west has simply come off the cultural rails.

Source: How totalitarianism is winning in the west |

“The west has simply come off the cultural rails. Conservatism, the attitude of mind which conserves what is valuable in a society and defends it as the cultural legacy to be handed down to generations as yet unborn, no longer knows what it is supposed to be defending. Faced with the focused and implacable onslaught of secularism and left-wing ideology aimed at undermining and destroying the cultural legacy of the west, conservatives have scattered in total bewilderment, confusion and fear.”

And this is the crux of the problem, I think – and the great tragedy.

Despite the caterwauling of the Left, the extreme Right is still small and disorganized. But if they are growing, however slowly, it’s because mainstream conservatism has been so fearful of being characterized as “racist” or “fascist” that it has largely abandoned the contest – game, set, and match – and ordinary people who don’t buy into the Leftist agenda are looking for someone who is willing to defend the West.

The great father of modern conservation, Aldo Leopold, wrote that “One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.” The same could be said of a historical education! If not alone, then certainly in the minority, especially these days. There really is very little that is new under the sun, in principle, although the specifics may differ.

Nazism in Germany grew, not because every German (or even most Germans) adopted uncritically every aspect of Hitler’s program. It grew largely because the people of Germany saw it as a defense against what they viewed as the worse evil of Communism. And as far back as the historical record goes, dictators have come about, not because people like to be oppressed, but because they were seen as preferable to chaos.

There is a lesson for us, here and now, if we are not too blind to learn it…