Empty the stadiums.

Boycott the NFL

I don’t usually waste time even thinking about “sportsball,” much less writing about it. But the National Football League has jumped the proverbial shark, with this “take a knee” during the National Anthem B.S. – and even more, by refusing to admit they have taken a wrong turn, but instead doubling down on their stupidity.

The idea that the NFL would dare to complain about “lack of respect,” when they are disrespecting our flag and everything it stands for – including the sacrifice of all those who have fallen defending that flag, and “the Republic for which it stands,” over the centuries – just fills me with absolute and complete disdain for those sorry excuses for human beings. “Respect”? They deserve none. They’re being paid millions to play a frickin’ game, and they’re acting like spoiled children! Despicable.

And yes, I agree that they have a right to “take a knee” if that’s what they want to do. Absolutely. And the rest of us have the right to think that they’re despicable, reprehensible children with no respect or appreciation for the incredible opportunities they and everyone else in this country possess simply by virtue of being born here. As one friend pointed out, the very fact that they have the right to behave in such a pitiful fashion without being jailed for it is precisely why they should not do it!