Up to Two-Thirds of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1.1 Billion People Want to Migrate to the EU, U.S.

An African migrant flashes the victory gesture after disembarking following his rescue from off the coast of Zawiyah, about 45 kilometres west of the Libyan capital Tripoli, at the dock at the capital's naval base on March 10, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

Researchers found that it is not just poverty or terror… that is driving mass migration, but because Africans want to imitate their friends and relatives who have already successfully illegally immigrated to Europe.

Source: Up to Two-Thirds of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1.1 Billion People Want to Migrate to the EU, U.S.

We have GOT to stop thinking of this as a “humanitarian issue,” and start understanding it as what it is: an invasion!

And then, begin responding accordingly.

If we do not, the West is doomed.

Author: The Anglophilic Anglican

I am an ordained Anglican clergyman, published writer, former op-ed columnist, and experienced outdoor and informal educator. I am also a traditionalist: religiously, philosophically, politically, and socially. I seek to do my bit to promote and restore the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, in a world which has too-often lost touch with all three, and to help re-weave the connections between God, Nature, and humankind which our techno-industrial civilization has strained and broken.

2 thoughts on “Up to Two-Thirds of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1.1 Billion People Want to Migrate to the EU, U.S.”

  1. “The Camp of The Saints” has become reality. We have “leaders” who have no allegiance to the nation they were elected to represent. That nation is not just those here now, but the children and grandchildren into eternity, of those who founded the nation. That is why I favor real monarchy over democracy – it is a system that emphasizes long family lines.

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    1. I agree. Both with respect to monarchy, and with the view of the “nation” it represents and embodies. Many people have heard of the Native American (or in the Canadian idiom that I prefer, “First Nations”) concept of being responsible to “seven generations.”

      But what are the “seven generations”? They are “our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren” – and of course, ourselves (*).

      We have a responsibility both toward those who came before us, AND those who will come after us: neither to damage the inheritance we have received from our ancestors, nor to fail to pass it on – intact – to our descendants. If we fail to accomplish either, we have failed in our sacred duty.

      (* https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/news/opinions/how-to-honor-the-seven-generations/)

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