“Shocking Stats Reveal Decline of American Men” – with reflections on the implications thereof

You hear a lot in America about the “war on women,” but it’s men in America who are failing. We have some shocking statistics…

Souce: Shocking Stats Reveal Decline of American Men | Tucker Carlson Tonight

This informative and disturbing report confirms what observation has suggested to me for years: we who are men are in trouble. As Carlson points out,

“Something ominous is happening to men in America. Everyone who pays attention knows that. What’s odd is how rarely you hear it publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men don’t need help. They’re the patriarchy. They’re fine. More than fine…”

Statistics, however, tell a different story. When you actually look at what’s going on, it becomes all too sadly apparent that

“American men are failing, in body, mind and spirit. This is a crisis. Yet our leaders pretend it’s not happening. They tell us the opposite is true: Women are victims, men are oppressors. To question that assumption is to risk punishment. Even as women far outpace men in higher education, virtually every college campus supports a women’s studies department, whose core goal is to attack male power. Our politicians and business leaders internalize and amplify that message. Men are privileged. Women are oppressed. Hire and promote and reward accordingly.

“That would be fine if it were true. But it’s not true. At best, it’s an outdated view of an America that no longer exists. At worst, it’s a pernicious lie.

“Either way, ignoring the decline of men doesn’t help anyone. Men and women need each other. One cannot exist without the other. That’s elemental biology, but it’s also the reality each of us has lived, with our parents and siblings and friends. When men fail, all of us suffer.”

University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson, Carlson’s guest, while not the most dynamic speaker, nonetheless has some very good things to say on the subject. He rightly decries the “ideological world view that sees the entire history of mankind as the oppression of women by men,” which he sees – again, accurately, in my view – as “a very dreadful way of looking at the world, a pathological way of looking at the world.”

It is indeed. But thanks to the dismaying success of the radical Left’s “long march through the institutions,” it is a worldview which is mostly dominant in today’s culture, in the U.S. and in the West, generally, deeply enshrined in our intellectual and political elites, and particularly in academia – both public schools and institutions of higher learning – and in the equally-influential media.

As a result, it has become in many respects the animating mythos of our contemporary world, and plays itself out in all sorts of often damaging ways: pitting men and women against each other, denigrating any past achievement that can be seen as “masculine” or “patriarchal,” and discouraging boys and young men from seeking excellence for fear of being accused of “toxic masculinity.”

Is it any wonder that many men have become embittered and disillusioned, and dropped out – from relationships (see MGTOW), and even from active engagement with society – in anger or despair?

Yet this dropping out, while on one level entirely understandable, is ultimately counter-productive and damaging, both to society and to men ourselves. To be healthy and whole, a culture needs a balance between male aggressiveness and female nurturing (and yes, I know some men are naturally nurturing and some women aggressive, but we’re talking trends, here), between the typically male drive to expand and explore, and the typically female drive to settle and put down roots.

And while this may be more controversial yet, I believe that for our psycho-emotional health, men and women must be willing and able to embrace – in a constructive, and therefore necessarily real, way – their own distinct and complementary natures. Again, I am quite fully aware that some men are more nurturing (I tend to fall somewhat toward that end of the spectrum, myself) and some women more aggressive.

But by insisting that (all) women should take on the aggressive tendencies of men, or that (all) men should take on the nurturing qualities of women, there are a large number of both who are being repressed, and even bent and twisted, psycho-emotionally. And that is exactly what is happening, in today’s “interchangeable parts” environment of gender-bending social theory.

It’s no wonder that transgenderism is a major issue these days, because transgenderism is simply the (il)logical extension of an extremely prevalent ideological viewpoint: that women should be more like men, and men should be more like women. Of course, the dirty little secret here is that there is something essentially or fundamentally “man-like” or “woman-like” to become, but no one on the Left wants to talk about that…

While I am in no way justifying or rationalizing them, is it possible that today’s rash of school- and other mass-shootings are on some level a cry for help – or at least, a manifestation of a deeply diseased society? As Carlson points out, they are almost exclusively a male phenomenon (one shooter did have the help of his wife). Is it at least possible that if masculine aggression is consistently and aggressively repressed and not allowed productive and constructive outlets, it will fester, and eventually explode in socially and culturally unproductive, unacceptable, and even horrifying ways?

I am going to go out on a limb, here, and suggest that one of the prime motivators (or perhaps I should say, de-motivators) of our contemporary Western malaise is the devaluation and repression of just about everything that has traditionally served as spurs to pride, greatness, and accomplishment. Among these are race, nationality, sex (in the sense of male and female, not the sexual act!), and religion.

In other words, pride in one’s “roots” is the essential motivator for accomplishment in the future.

If one is no longer allowed to take pride in one’s ancestors, one’s country, one’s sex, or one’s religion, and be inspired by their achievements to accomplish still more in the future, if everyone and everything is to be viewed as not only equal-in-principle, but fundamentally equivalent (even identical) in principle, with nothing and no reason to prefer one over the other, then one has no impetus to preserve one’s heritage or to care about one’s descendants: it’s all the same, after all, so what does it matter?

And that is not only destructive of culture in and of itself, but leaves us acutely vulnerable to being invaded and subjugated by those who still do take pride in the past accomplishments and present identity of their people, who laugh at our low birth-rate (if we have no real hope or inspiration for the future, why bother to bring new children into the world?) and scoff at our unwillingness to actually stand up and defend those few values we still claim to hold.

As I have commented before, there’s a reason those on the far-right refer to the “liberal” Leftists, social-justice warriors, and cultural Marxists – and their acquiescent followers – as “cucks” (short for cuckolds): they are willing to simply watch passively as what should be their “beloveds” – their patrimony, their ancestral and cultural heritage – are violated, taken from them, even raped before their eyes, and do nothing, either out of sheer passive compliance, or because they take a certain sick pleasure in the act, due to persistent and pernicious indoctrination that everything Western is evil.

If that is truly the best of the West, in this age, then perhaps we deserve our fate. Those who are unwilling to defend what is valuable surely do not deserve to retain it. But I do not believe that is all we have left. And we have a responsibility, both to our ancestors and to our descendants – if any! – to pass down our patrimony, our heritage, unstained, undiminished, and intact, to the best of our ability. If we fail, we have failed them, and even the God that made us, and gave us our distinctiveness.

Men of the West, will we go silently and meekly into that dark night, passing into history with barely a whimper? I hope and pray we will not!