Ascending levels of badassery: the U.S. Army Soldier’s Creed, Infantryman’s Creed, and Ranger Creed

While I was never active-duty, I did train with my college’s ROTC Battalion in my first year there (1983-84). During that time, I qualified for the Battalion’s Ranger Platoon. I must hasten to be clear that I was not a U.S. Army Ranger; I did not attend Ranger School and I was not awarded the Ranger tab. I was not a Ranger.

By qualifying for the Ranger Platoon, however, I was afforded the privilege of wearing the black beret (then the distinctive Ranger head-gear) and woodland-pattern camouflage BDUs, at a time when everyone else in ROTC wore OD fatigues and a ball-cap; and I had the opportunity for some additional training. I was – we were – also expected to serve as models and inspirations for the rest of the cadets. In other words, I had a taste – just a taste – of being a Ranger.

As a result, I have a tremendously high amount of respect for real U.S. Army Rangers. And as someone who wore the Army uniform, even for a short while, and whose forebears fought in the Army in two World Wars – my father in World War Two, his father in World War One – both decorated combat veterans, both wounded in action, I have a huge respect for the U.S. Army in general, and the Infantry in particular.

“Follow Me!” and “Rangers Lead the Way!” are two slogans – better, two approaches to living – which I have tried (not always with complete success) to live out in my civilian life. In honor of that passion for excellence, and that determination to defend our nation and its way of life, I offer the Soldiers Creed, the Infantryman’s Creed, and the Rangers Creed: Continue reading “Ascending levels of badassery: the U.S. Army Soldier’s Creed, Infantryman’s Creed, and Ranger Creed”

Vespers for the Second Sunday before Advent, 2018 – The Book of Common Prayer 1928

Here is the video of Vespers (Evening Prayer) for the 25th Sunday after Trinity – Second Sunday before Advent, 2018.

A message from The Queen to The President of The United States of America | The Royal Family

Prince Philip and I offer our deepest sympathies to the people of California, who continue to suffer from the devastating fires across the state.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims, and to all those who have lost their homes and livelihoods. I pay tribute to the courage and dedication of the US emergency services and the volunteers that have provided support.

Elizabeth R

Source: A message from The Queen to The President of The United States of America | The Royal Family

God bless Her Majesty. God save The Queen!

The Litany, or General Supplication – The Book of Common Prayer 1928

For some time I have been doing live broadcasts of Morning and Evening Prayer (and occasionally other Anglican devotions) on Facebook. For some reason (not sure whether it’s insufficient memory and processing speed, the internet connection I have available, or some other glitch), I have not been able to broadcast live recently. Consequently, I’ve had to find a way to record the videos offline and then post them. Having found it, it occurs to me that I can now post them on The Anglophilic Anglican, too!

This is the first such: a bit of a “test run.” It is The Litany, or General Supplication (also known as “The Great Litany”). from The Book of Common Prayer 1928. I hope you enjoy, and find it of benefit!

QOTD: Globalism and insecurity

“Cornell sociologist Mabel Berezin has identified… three insecurities inherent in globalized dynamics. Berezin notes that the nation-state historically promised to provide secure borders, a stable economy, and the space for celebration and perpetuation of a population’s customs, traditions, and religion. But as Berezin observes, these three securities have eroded as the result of dynamics in globalization.”

Stephen R. Turley, PhD: The Triumph of Tradition: How the Resurgence of Religion is Reawakening A Conservative World

“Eroded” is perhaps a gentle word, under the circumstances! As Turley points out in this excellent little volume (available via the link above, or as an e-book download directly from his site – I get no kickbacks from either), all three of these securities – border (e.g., territorial integrity and national sovereignty), economic, and cultural – are under sustained and aggressive attack from the forces of globalism.

While no one really likes to think in these terms, we are in a cultural and civilizational conflict, a low-grade, “soft” war which will prove to be – as Turley comments in some of his videos – as significant and far-reaching in its implications as the Cold War… perhaps even more so, as it has the potential (already partly realized) to radically reshape not only the political and economic, but the cultural and demographic map of the globe.

The Leftist media, and its allied academics and politicians, like to characterize those of us who are not only skeptical of, but downright opposed to, this “brave new world” as racists, xenophobes, bigots who blindly cling to the past rather than embrace the (so they believe, inevitable) future. In truth, it is they who are blind.

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The current situation in the West – including the United States – reminds me of nothing so much as an old Fur Trade-era freight canoe hurtling toward the precipice of Niagara Falls, with the steersman shouting “Keep paddling! What’s wrong? Don’t you want to embrace the future?” Those of us who would prefer survival are digging in our paddles, and striving to back and turn the canoe, before we reach the brink.

God grant us success!