O Canada! Happy Canada Day to all those of Canadian citizenship or heritage.

And not just any Canada Day – Happy 150th Canada Day!

Here’s the full text of the pic above:

The Queen, as the constitutional Canadian Monarch and Head of State, has a long and close relationship with Canada, and has visited 24 times during Her reign. Canada Day is celebrated annually on 1st July – 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada and the Canadian Federation.

(Formerly, I should note – from 1867 to 1953 – the Dominion of Canada!


Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło’s son ordained a priest | Aleteia

Tymoteusz Szydło, age 25, received the sacrament of Holy Orders on Saturday, May 27, in the Cathedral of St. Nicolas in Bielsko-Biała and said his first Holy Mass the following day, in his native Przecieszyn (Małopolskie Region). Both events were attended by the young priest’s parents, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło and her husband Edward, and Tymoteusz’s younger brother Błażej.

Source: Beata Szydło’s son ordained a priest–Aleteia

Niech Bóg błogosławi nowego księdza!

(May God bless the new priest!)

Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles | For All the Saints

Source: Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Apostles | For All the Saints

“The two great apostles whose ministry embrace the whole Jewish and Gentile worlds have been associated in Christian devotion since earliest times. The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is one of the oldest of the saints’ days, having been observed at least since 258, and it was of such importance in the Middle Ages that it marked a turning point in the time after Pentecost, as also did the days of Saint Lawrence (August 10) and Saint Michael (September 29)…

“From the earliest days it has been believed that Peter and Paul suffered martyrdom on the same day, June 29, in the year 67, although some accounts give the year as 68 or the date as February 22. Traditions assert that Peter was crucified upside down on Vatican Hill (because he said that he was not worthy to die in the same way as his Lord) and that Paul, a Roman citizen, was beheaded near the Via Ostia, south of Rome. Saint Peter’s Basilica and Saint Paul’s Outside-the-Walls are said to contain the tombs of the two apostles; their skulls are said to be preserved in the church of Saint John Lateran, the cathedral of the city of Rome. The pope’s claim to primacy is in large measure based on his being the bishop of the city in which Peter and Paul died.”

Anti-history Protesters are Destroying Tourism in Gettysburg

For their refusal to surrender fact to immature and insecure emotion, the museum, along with the battlefield will be subjected to militant anti-history protests planned by Antifa groups on the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. These Antifa groups plan to burn Confederate battle flags and desecrate graves.

Source: Anti-history Protesters are Destroying Tourism in Gettysburg

And kudos to the Gettysburg Museum of History for refusing to give in to the dictates of political correctness, of which “Antifa” is the logical (if that word even applies) outcome:

Would that more people and institutions applied similar high standards!

“Antifa” supposedly stands for “Anti-Fascist.” Yet they are not only fascistic themselves – if by that is meant violent and totalitarian – but in some ways at least, worse than fascists: fascists, whatever their other faults, at least loved their own people. These barely-human scum hate their own people, and their own heritage. They seem to think that destruction of history and desecration of the memorials – including, reportedly, grave-sites – to men who were more courageous than the likes of these scoundrels can even imagine is somehow an acceptable way to demonstrate that “Love Trumps Hate.”

Of course, slogans like that are just for show. Their real motives and goals are far more sinister and far-reaching, and history – at Gettysburg or elsewhere – is not all they want to destroy. This is part and parcel of the larger assault on Western civilization itself (as recounted in numerous posts on this blog and far more numerous accounts elsewhere), and the creation of a “brave new world” of their own ideological design, out of the rubble. And history is a goal for the destroyers because a rootless people, a people severed from a strong and sympathetic sense of their own past, is a people weakened and vulnerable to ideological assaults.

Slime-buckets like “Antifa” claim to be part of a “resistance” against the policies (and person) of the current US President. But whatever one’s thoughts on President Trump, it is ruffians like this that truly need to be resisted. As the inscription graven in stone above the National Archives so accurately puts it, “What is past, is prologue.” Those who seek to destroy the past are undermining both present and future.

Resist them!

Tennessee Responds to California’s Travel Ban to the State – Page 2 of 2

The bullies in California picked the wrong state to mess with.

Source: Tennessee Responds to California’s Travel Ban to the State

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we urge the other forty-eight states to refrain from imposing their unfounded moral judgment on their sister states as California has done in order to prevent escalating foolishness…

“Tennessee is pleasantly surprised that California will not be sending its economic development teams to Tennessee to recruit our businesses.”

I have loved Tennessee ever since spending two (academic) years there, in Nashville, getting my Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School. I love the state even more, now!

If Middle Earth were the 21st century West….


I especially “like” this one:

Gondor calls for aid

Not that thoughts and prayers are not important! They are. And sometimes prayer is all one can do; if so, then one has an obligation to do what one can. I am not one of those who disparages people for doing all they can, or know how to, do! Even “positive energy” has its place. But if that is all King Theoden had done, not suiting actions to thoughts, Orcs and Haradrim would have been feasting in Minas Tirith, while the Lord of the Nazgûl reigned from the throne of the Kings of Men…

In real-world history, if thoughts, prayers, and positive energy had been all King Jan III Sobieski sent to the relief of Vienna, instead of Winged Hussars, Ottoman Turks would have ruled from the Imperial City, and the history of Europe and the world might have been much different!

The Central European Defence Cooperation commited against mass migration | Visegrád Post

On Monday, June 19, representatives from the countries of the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) – Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria Slovenia and Croatia – met in order to pledge a closer cooperation on tackling illegal migration by the use of common civil and military means.

Source: The Central European Defence Cooperation committed against mass migration | Visegrád Post

Take a close look at this picture, and you will see why this is happening. I see maybe one possible woman, and perhaps one possible child. Maybe. All the rest are young men of military age. Think about that. Ponder the implications. This is not a refugee crisis. This is an invasion. And the sooner the rest of the West realizes this, the better. Until then, God bless Visegrád! Last, best hope of Europe…