Europe’s future-less “leadership”

Posted by an acquaintance on Facebook:

  • Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.
  • German chancellor Angel Merkel has no children.
  • British Prime Minister Theresa May has no children.
  • Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
  • Holland’s Mark Rutte, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven, Luxemburg’s Xavier Bettel, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon—all have no children.
  • Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has no children.

So a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future.

Suddenly, a lot of things seem to make more sense, now… in a sadly warped and twisted sort of way. I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me it’s downright scary, presented in such stark terms. No wonder they’re acting like such idiots. They simply, literally, Do. Not. Care. Because they will not have children to reap the bitter harvest from the rotten seeds they are sowing.

Every previous generation had to think about future generations. These individuals do not, because for them, there will be no future generations.

And it also points up the sad fact that the European birth-rate is in the tank. It’s a bit of a catch-22: people are less likely to have children if they don’t believe in their own future… and it’s hard to believe that there will even be a European future, unless that birth-rate gets back up there to at least replacement level – and at this point, restoration level!

Meanwhile, some of us – myself included – would love to have children, but sadly have not found a partner to share that dream…



Why the Southern Tradition is Winning | Abbeville Institute

The title of this piece may seem odd in light of recent events in New Orleans and the mass hysteria over all things Confederate since June 2015. Monuments have come down, flags have been furled, and streets have been renamed.

While these are certainly loses, they are mere skirmishes in a wider cultural war that the Left is losing. They know it, but they don’t want you to realize it, and their allies in the mainstream media keep peppering the news cycle with stories trumpeting their “successes.” This is done to demoralize the opposition.

Source: Why the Southern Tradition is Winning | Abbeville Institute

An interesting – and, if Abbeville Institute blogger Brion McClanahan is right, encouraging – take on the present crisis. If he is right, some of the absurdities we have been seeing lately are but the death-throes of the left-wing Leviathan. I hope he is! But even if so, a) a thrashing Leviathan can do a lot of damage, even in its death-throes; and b) see the Tolkien quote in my previous post. Even if he is right, we can’t simply rest on our laurels…

History Prof: ‘Cultural Cleansing’ to Tear Down Confederate Monuments | LifeZette

Source: History Prof: ‘Cultural Cleansing’ to Tear Down Confederate Monuments | LifeZette

Many of us have been deeply concerned by what some have called “the purge of Southern culture,” the current version of which began in 2015: ostensibly in reaction to, and certainly enabled by, the mass murder of church members in Charleston, SC, by a despicable psychopath. But the situation may be – indeed, almost certainly is – even worse than it appears on the surface:

“The removal of all things Confederate is complicated,” said Dr. Marshall De Rosa, a political science professor at Florida Atlantic University and expert on the Civil War.

“Some support stems from sheer ignorance about what those monuments represent,” said De Rosa, referring to those who see Confederate monuments as inherently racist. Others, however, are apparently motivated by far more sinister, ideological motives, he said.

“It’s a form of cultural cleansing that will not stop at Confederate memorials,” De Rosa warned. “There are discussions to tear down the Jefferson Memorial, rename Washington, D.C., change the U.S. flag, etc.,” De Rosa noted.

“The purpose is to make Americans, specifically white Christian Americans, ashamed of their ancestors, if not themselves,” De Rosa told LifeZette. “This makes them much more vulnerable to manipulation by and capitulation to the policy demands of the Left and their globalist supporters.”

Many of us thought – or at least hoped – that this sort of thing would end following the defeat and collapse of the atheistic, globalistic Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact satellites. Unfortunately it has sprung up once more, under slightly outward forms, within the United States and Western Europe themselves. I am reminded of J.R.R. Tolkien’s warning,

Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.

Or St. Paul’s (Ephesians 6:12): “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

So, sadly, it seems to be.

Let us then heed also St. Peter’s admonition (1 Peter 5:8-9): “Be sober, be watchful; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist, steadfast in the faith.”

In Memoriam: the anniversary of the passing of “Stonewall” Jackson

Stonewall Jackson at First Manassas

Although this painting, by Don Troiani Historical Artist, actually depicts the Battle of First Manassas (a.k.a. First Bull Run), today marks a sad anniversary: the death of Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, a great general and a great man, following his epic victory at Chancellorsville. As puts it,

“The Battle of Chancellorsville was Lee’s and Jackson’s shining moment. Despite the fact that they faced an army twice the size of theirs, Lee daringly split his force and sent Jackson around the Union flank—a move that resulted in perhaps the Army of the Potomac’s most stunning defeat of the war. When nightfall halted the attack, Jackson rode forward to reconnoiter the territory for another assault. But as he and his aides rode back to the lines, a group of Rebels opened fire. Jackson was hit three times, and a Southern bullet shattered his left arm, which had to be amputated the next day. Soon, pneumonia set in, and Jackson began to fade. He died, as he had wished, on the Sabbath, May 10, 1863, with these last words: ‘Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.’”

Stonewall Jackson was a man of great faith, as well as great skill in strategy and tactics, and great courage in battle. He has been compared to an Old Testament Patriarch, and a force of nature! Well did General Lee say, when he received word of Jackson’s friendly-fire injury, “He has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right.”

Ironically, not only was he shot accidentally by his own men — who loved him dearly — but he did not die of that wound, directly, or even the amputation of his arm; he died of pneumonia, as a result of the poor sanitation in hospitals of the time, combined with his enforced immobility due to his injury. And, it has been argued, with him died the hopes of the Confederacy (*). A sad ending for a very fine gentleman, and general.


* General Jackson was never able to put into effect his plans for the next day, and the Army of Northern Virginia did not pursue its advantage. If he had been able to follow through, it is entirely possible that he might have wrapped up the entire Union Army and chased them all the way back to Washington, DC, forcing a negotiated settlement to the War, which would surely have entailed Southern independence. A fruitless exercise in “if only,” perhaps, but nonetheless…!

Clans at Edinburgh Castle for first time since Jacobite uprising – The Scotsman

Scotland’s clan chiefs have returned to Edinburgh Castle for the first time since the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.

Source: Clans at Edinburgh Castle for first time since Jacobite uprising – The Scotsman

More than 30 clansmen and women marched to the Great Hall at Edinburgh for the first time since the attempted siege of the castle by Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces.

New Orleans is Ground Zero | Abbeville Institute

The social justice jihad to eliminate “white supremacy” was spawned by the successful eradication of Confederate memorabilia.

Source: New Orleans is Ground Zero | Abbeville Institute

Americans were not overly concerned about the disparagement of Confederate heroes but when the disparagement was turned against the Founding Fathers and Western Civilization in general, they began to take notice. The public finally realized they weren’t witnessing isolated incidents but a well-coordinated movement, promulgated by national and international forces.

If anything, I fear this statement may be a bit too optimistic: I am not at all sure enough of the American public has begun to awaken to the reality of the situation, at least not yet. I hope and pray they will! This blog is part of my contribution to encouraging that awakening.

At any rate, this essay is an excellent, if sobering, discussion of the situation. New Orleans is indeed “ground zero.” If the forces of violent revisionism, cultural cleansing, and the suppression and removal of anything deemed “offensive” by or to the decidedly illiberal left are successful in NOLA, they will only be emboldened elsewhere.

The camel’s nose is already in the tent. We need to make darned sure the rest of the camel doesn’t get inside!

A Question of Culture – Ethika Politika

What is a culture, what is a civilization, if not a collective sense of self-identity and awareness, of historical memory and placement in the world and in time itself?

Source: A Question of Culture – Ethika Politika

Another excellent essay from my friend, Ryan Hunter. A few excerpts:

This common thread of shared and essential practices, customs, and rituals both gives a people a positive sense of who they are and what they value, and also distinguishes them as particular from their neighbors…

For Christianity to dwindle or even begin to die out in Europe and the West, in other words, is for the core cultural basis common to European – and therefore, all of Western – civilization to die. Not only our common religious heritage and life, but the sacred and secular architecture, music, sculpture, painting, philosophy, and literature which we all converse in, appreciate, and recognize would also fade and die as well.

Sadly, if current trends hold, this outcome seems all too likely…