“Outrage” as Theresa May confirms a fox hunting vote

The League Against Cruel Sports said there was ‘no justification’ for scrapping the law against hunting with dogs. Theresa May announced her plans for a vote at the Tory manifesto launch.

Source: Outrage as Theresa May confirms a fox hunting vote

As a former car-follower with the Carrollton Hounds, you will find no “outrage” from me at this news! Indeed, I find it outrageous that it was banned in the first place. I deeply appreciate the history and heritage of foxhunting in the UK and America – where the sport got its start in my home state of Maryland:

“The earliest record of the importation of hounds to this country was on June 30, 1650, when Robert Brooke arrived in Maryland with his family, 28 servants and his hounds. By the early 1700’s, mounted foxhunting was spreading rapidly in Maryland, Virginia and probably other colonies. Hounds were also used for other forms of hunting. Early planters with sporting English blood imported red foxes from England in 1730 and celebrated the event at Chestertown, Maryland” (Masters of Foxhounds Association & Foundation – “History of American Foxhunting“).

Lest anyone get all up-in-arms over the alleged “cruelty” of the sport, let me note that here in the U.S., the fox (in the case of red foxes, an “import,” anyway) is rarely killed, while in Britain, mounted hunts have historically served a useful purpose in limiting the numbers of foxes, which otherwise can become quite a pest.

To my mind, the ban on mounted foxhunting with dogs in Britain is part and parcel of the “politically correct” agenda to suppress history, heritage, and traditional activities, as well as attitudes, that seems currently to be on the ascendant throughout the West, and which it is part of this blog’s intention to help counteract.

Here are Prince Philip’s final few engagements that he will undertake in the coming months – Royal Central

Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday that the Duke of Edinburgh would retire from royal duties in the Autumn at the age of 96. The Prince is not believed to be retiring for health reasons.

Source: Here are Prince Philip’s final few engagements that he will undertake in the coming months – Royal Central

Regardless of his reasons, the man is more than entitled – at age 96! – to retire from public life. He has served the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth as Prince Consort wisely and well for many years, and has been what Her Majesty, the Queen, described as “my strength and my stay” during that time. Health and long(er) life to His Royal Highness, and God save The Queen!

The Queen presents a Guidon to The Royal Lancers at Windsor Castle

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of York, has presented a Guidon to The Royal Lancers during a ceremony in St George’s Hall, Windsor Castle.

Source: The Queen presents a Guidon to The Royal Lancers at Windsor Castle | The Royal Family

The Royal Lancers were formed on the 2nd May 2015 following an amalgamation of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) and The Queen’s Royal Lancers.

During the traditional ceremony at Windsor Castle Her Majesty touched the new Guidon, and presented it to the Regiment.

A Guidon is a heraldic banner carried by cavalry regiments. They were traditionally carried into battle as distinguishing symbols and rallying points for fighting units.

After the presentation Her Majesty gave a speech where the honorific suffix ‘Queen Elizabeths’ Own’ was granted to the Regiment.

To mark my 70th anniversary as your Colonel in Chief I should like to grant you a further distinction – that of an honorific suffix to The Royal Lancers – Queen Elizabeths’ Own – in recognition of your loyal service to me and to my mother, Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal Lancers are 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade’s Armoured Cavalry Regiment based in Catterick, North Yorkshire. They have extensive operational experience, having been the last regiment to operate the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance in Afghanistan.

The Lancers’ distinctive cap-badge represents their Regimental Motto, ‘Death or Glory’.

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This state school in England teaches kids how to shoot, and to gut and cook pigeons.

Source: Channel 4 News | Facebook

Amazing state school in the UK teaches children from “a varied demographic,” most of whose families are on various forms of social assistance, how to shoot, hunt, dress and cook the game they take, and otherwise function effectively in the outdoors.

The video shows them gutting squirrels, plucking pigeons, splitting wood for the fire with a mallet and fro, and cooking and eating the proceeds.

The most dangerous thing you can do to a child is to not expose them to an element of risk and danger.” – Mike Fairclough, Headteacher, West Rise Junior School, who adds that “If children are excited about coming to school, if they’re being inspired and enthused by being outside, then that has an impact back in the classroom.”

The school gets the best exam results in the area, and won the 2015 T.E.S. Best School of the Year award, according to the video. “Teaching the children to shoot is controversial,” the video notes. “But the school argues it teaches discipline and responsibility.”

“The cotton-wool culture of Britain has got a little bit out of control,” Fairclough comments, referring to the modern desire on the part of many – schools, parents, media, etc. – to wrap children up and insulate them from many of the realities of life. “It’s only really peoples own sort of limiting beliefs, and a few media myths that people have invested in, which have stopped children from having these sorts of activities.”

Kudos to Mike Fairclough and West Rise Junior! You’re doing it right.

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Brexit news – British politicians react with fury to Spain-EU power grab over Gibraltar | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

British politicians today insisted they would not be “bullied” over the future of Gibraltar as Spain launched a shameless attempt to exploit Brexit and seize back the Rock.

Source: Brexit news – British politicians react with fury to Spain-EU power grab over Gibraltar | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

More on the Gibraltar situation, as Brexit negotiations with the EU loom…

Madrid signalled it could look to browbeat the tiny territory into submission and force it to switch allegiances by starving its people and business of access to the single market.

This morning it emerged the Spanish have secured a special veto over Gibraltar’s future relationship with Europe, meaning it can prevent any post-Brexit trade deal with the UK from applying there.

The bombshell clause, buried deep in the EU’s negotiating guidelines, caught British officials completely by surprise and is already threatening to sour the start of the divorce negotiations.

British politicians reacted with understandable outrage:

It provoked an immediate response from Westminster where MPs said that Gibraltar’s 30,000 strong population, who overwhelmingly backed Remain but also want to stay British, must not be used as bargaining chips. Influential Tory backbencher Andrew Rosindell, who is the vice chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Gibraltar, said if Spain tried to stop the Rock being part of any Brexit deal the UK would simply walk away from the table. 

He fumed: “An agreement without including Gibraltar means there can be no agreement. British people must and will stand together, we cannot be bullied by Spain.

Follow the link to read more…

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Theresa May ‘would go to war’ to defend the sovereignty of Gibraltar

Lord Howard said the British Government will stand by Gibraltar during Brexit talks amid claims of an EU “land grab” for the territory by Spain.

Source: Theresa May ‘would go to war’ to defend the sovereignty of Gibraltar

No offense to my Spanish brethren, but – hands off Gibraltar! It’s British territory, unless or until its own people decide otherwise.

This morning the Prime Minister told Gibraltar’s chief minister that Britain will never allow Spain to take over the peninsula against its will. Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, has also pledged to “protect” Gibraltar “all the way”.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Mr Fallon said: “The people of Gibraltar have made it clear that they don’t want to live under the sovereignty of Spain. Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way.”

Lord Howard told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme: “There is no question whatever that our Government will stand by Gibraltar.

“35 years ago this week another woman Prime Minister sent a task force half way across the World to defend the freedom of another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country.

“I am absolutely certain our current Prime Minister will show the same resolve in standing by the people of Gibraltar.”

We do not need any more brother-wars in Europe! The great threat is from outside; as J.R.R. Tolkien put it in The Lord of the Rings, “The laughter of Mordor will be our only reward if we quarrel.” I hope and trust that Spain, and the rest of the EU, would not be foolish enough to let it get to that point. But if they do:

Supposing we should meet with some Spaniards by the way,
Ten thousand to one we will show them British play!
With our swords and with our cutlasses we’ll fight until we die,
Before that they shall come and drink old England dry.
Aye dry, aye dry, me boys, aye dry,
Before that they should come and drink old England dry!

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In the midst of grief, still confusion | MelaniePhillips.com

Source: In the midst of grief, still confusion | MelaniePhillips.com

“’Islamist’ is a reasonable neologism – I use it myself – to describe political or jihadi Islam and thus necessarily differentiate it from the un-extreme, pacific interpretation of the religion to which millions of Muslims subscribe. But to assert… that Islamism is therefore not Islamic is demonstrably ridiculous.”

In the aftermath of the Westminster (London) attack, commentator Melanie Phillips takes UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and by extension, the Western political establishment, to task for – as it too-often the case – refusing to recognize and name the problem for what it is:

“Does she think the concept of jihad is not Islamic? For sure, jihadi Islam is an interpretation of the religion to which many Muslims do not subscribe. But it is a genuine interpretation, solidly based on religious sources and is the historic inspiration for centuries of bloody Islamic conquest. It is as absurd to say it has nothing to do with Islam as it would be to say the Inquisition had nothing to do with Christianity or ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews have nothing to do with Judaism.

“The claim that identifying religion as the problem would demonise all Muslims is a non-sequitur. Yes, many Muslims are not extreme; but a terrifyingly large number are.

“In an opinion poll of a sample of British Muslims last year, only 34 per cent said they would report to the police anyone they thought was involved with jihadi extremism; 38 per cent blamed either the US or the Jews for 9/11; four per cent – which would amount to around 100,000 British Muslims – sympathised with Muslim suicide bombers; and 23 per cent wanted Islamic sharia law to replace domestic English law in areas with large Muslim populations.”

It has been said in a number of places that violent jihadists are snakes; the Muslim population at large is the grass they hide in. These figures quoted by Ms Phillips give some specific background and support to this claim, for Britain at least; but similar figures hold true elsewhere in the West. Even in the US, radicalism is increasing. The fact that most Muslims do not commit violent jihad does not mean they are not sympathetic to those who do.

[According to some recent studies, as much as 51% of US Muslims would prefer having the choice of being governed under Sharia law, while 60% of Muslim-Americans told Pew Research they were more loyal to Islam than to America. Islam’s insistence of being politically, legally, and socially dominant, as well as religiously / spiritually so, is a dramatic contrast to Christianity – which, as this article points out, “instructs followers to respect secular leaders — rendering ‘unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’ — while living godly lives within secular societies.”]

I have stated before in this forum – multiple times, and I will doubtless state multiple times again – that the majority of Muslims are not bent on the violent overthrow of Western civilization; however, the majority – nearly all, in fact – of those currently bent on the violent overthrow of Western civilization are Muslims. That means that the ideology / worldview of Islam, which is grounded in but not limited to (an important distinction) religion, is not benign.

Facing up to a problem – clearly identifying its scope, nature, and all the implications thereof – is the first step toward solving it. As long as we continue to refuse to understand and accept that violent Islamic jihadism is rooted in the religion of Islam itself, our efforts to combat it will be conducted with one hand (at least) tied behind our backs.