Evening Prayer for The Sunday Next Before Advent, 2018

Evening Prayer (Vespers) for The Sunday Next Before Advent, 2018, according to The Book of Common Prayer 1928.

Morning Prayer (with Sermon) for the Sunday Next Before Advent, 2018

Teaching video: a shortened form of Evening Prayer

Welcome to my first “teaching video” – in this case, on a rubrically-correct but condensed or abbreviated form of Evening Prayer.

The rubrics of the The Book of Common Prayer 1928 permit a significant degree of reduction in the length of Evening Prayer (Vespers) while retaining its form and a lot of its contents, making it perhaps easier to fit into our often hurried, harried, and hectic early 21st century lives.

If you have the time and opportunity to say the full Office on a regular basis, more power to you! Give thanks to God for that blessing. But if you do not, here is a way to say a shortened form of the Office which is, nonetheless, fully in accord with the rubrics contained in the 1928 Prayer Book.

And here is the very interesting and informative blog post which inspired this teaching video: Evensong at Home: A New Shortened Form for Busy Families. I encourage you to check it out – especially if you found my verbal explanations confusing.

Vespers for the Second Sunday before Advent, 2018 – The Book of Common Prayer 1928

Here is the video of Vespers (Evening Prayer) for the 25th Sunday after Trinity – Second Sunday before Advent, 2018.

The Litany, or General Supplication – The Book of Common Prayer 1928

For some time I have been doing live broadcasts of Morning and Evening Prayer (and occasionally other Anglican devotions) on Facebook. For some reason (not sure whether it’s insufficient memory and processing speed, the internet connection I have available, or some other glitch), I have not been able to broadcast live recently. Consequently, I’ve had to find a way to record the videos offline and then post them. Having found it, it occurs to me that I can now post them on The Anglophilic Anglican, too!

This is the first such: a bit of a “test run.” It is The Litany, or General Supplication (also known as “The Great Litany”). from The Book of Common Prayer 1928. I hope you enjoy, and find it of benefit!