Bloomberg implied farming doesn’t take intelligence in 2016 comments | Fox News

Bloomberg: “I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer… Now comes the information economy… You have to have a different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter.”

Source: Bloomberg implied farming doesn’t take intelligence in 2016 comments | Fox News

When you’re not sure which is more breathtaking, the ignorance or the arrogance…! This is the frickin’ idiot that’s running for the Democratic Presidential ticket. I have to say, I don’t like any of them, but this is over the top. “We, the intelligentsia,” indeed. Horse puckey!

From one of the comments: “A farmer can live without Mike Bloomberg but Mike Bloomberg can’t live without a farmer, and I will side with the farmer.” Amen! Yes. So will I. Any day of the week! Bloomberg is a menace, on many levels. I have never liked him, for his opposition to the Second Amendment, but bashing farmers makes me despise him on a whole different level.

I will say one thing: this male (I won’t call him a man), and the rest of his “intelligentsia” (read: the arrogant coastal / urban elite) couldn’t live a week without what they disparage as “flyover country,” and the basket of deplorables, bitterly clinging to God and guns, who live there.

This individual is not only a sorry excuse for a political candidate, but he is a sorry excuse for a human being. Not that that’s new information, for me! I’ve known it for a long time; this is merely additional grist for the mill. I’d say he’s is full of bullsh_t, but that would be insulting to bulls. Putrid pustule of a person!

Because I hate to end on a negative note – Paul Harvey, among others, is one who thought of farmers rather differently than Bloomberg. Here he is:


“After Attending a Trump Rally, I Realized Democrats Are Not Ready For 2020”

After attending Donald Trump’s campaign rally in New Hampshire, a 20-year Democrat realizes her party’s odds are slim in 2020.

Source: After Attending a Trump Rally, I Realized Democrats Are Not Ready For 2020

It is dangerous in the extreme to take anything for granted. But this is certainly encouraging for those of us who think a Democratic victory in the 2020 elections would be horrible for our country! This account, by a left-leaning (former) Democrat (she has decided to #WalkAway, and become an Independent), is well worth a read.

“I think the Democrats have an ass-kicking coming to them in November, and I think most of them will be utterly shocked when it happens, because they’re existing in an echo chamber that is not reflective of the broader reality. I hope it’s a wake-up call that causes them to take a long look in the mirror and really ask themselves how they got here. Maybe then they’ll start listening. I tend to doubt it, but I can hope.”

And yes, I’ve heard about the absurdities on the knitting boards

European elections results: Far-right and pro-Green parties win votes | Metro News

Italy's Matteo Salvini, France's Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage

Europe saw a coming-of-age moment for the eurosceptic far-right movement in the European elections results 2019.

Source: European elections results: Far-right and pro-Green parties win votes | Metro News

Four days of voting for national representatives to the European Parliament ended Sunday with major gains by nationalist / populist parties (“far right” = eurosceptic, opposed to globalism, mass migration, and other aspects of the Left-wing agenda).

Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and de facto popular leader Matteo Salvini “told RAI state television that his League [Lega, formerly Lega Nord, the Northern League], Marine Le Pen’s National Rally and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party together should control 90 seats and that other populist parties could bring the number to at least 150.”

Meanwhile, in Britain, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s weeks-old Brexit party won 28 seats, against 16 for the Liberal Democrats. Traditional powerhouse Labour took only 10, and the once-mighty Conservative Party, known as the Tories, four. Even the Greens beat the Tories, with seven!

Although the linked article notes that “Despite making gains, the vote was hardly the watershed anticipated by Europe’s far-right populists” [see above…] “who have vowed to dilute the European Union from within in favour of national sovereignty,” it was a very definite wake-up call – indeed, a hard slap in the face – to traditional “centrist” parties.

An interesting point is that the other major gainers were Leftist parties, including the Greens; clearly, much of Europe’s population is tired of “business as usual.” With the sloppy center on record as refusing to make alliance with the nationalist / populists, it will be fascinating – to say the least – to see where European politics goes from here!

‘Blue Wave’ turns out to be more like a ripple | NY Post

Image result for trump calls pelosi
President Trump called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi late Tuesday to congratulate her on the Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives.

Source: ‘Blue Wave’ turns out to be more like a ripple | NY Post

Well, Election Day is over, and although not all the ballots are counted as of yet, it’s possible to make some overall observations. One of those is that Americans are still probably more moderate – even if that is defined only as “resistant to radical change and/or extremism” – that die-hard partisans on either side would like to admit.

The so-called Democratic “Blue Wave,” so touted just months ago, was already giving signs of ebbing well before yesterday’s election; to the point that some on the right-hand side of the political aisle were beginning to make hopeful noises about a “Red Wave,” instead. That did not happen.

The Democrats picked up +/- 30 seats in the House, giving them a majority there. This should come as a surprise to no one; historically, the party of the President nearly always loses at least one House of Congress – usually both – in the midterm elections. It would have been almost epochal, from a political perspective, if the Republicans had managed to hang onto both Houses.

What is a bit of a surprise is that the GOP not only held onto their Senate majority, but actually added a couple of seats to it. That is very unusual for a midterm election: for the governing party to not only hold onto the Senate, but increase their representation there. They also made gains in statehouses across the country, adding more Republican governors than they lost to the Democrats.

And even in the House, the much-vaunted “Blue Wave” was not much more than a ripple: as of 10:15 this morning, just a few minutes ago at this writing, the New York Times was reporting that the the Dems had picked up only 27 seats (28 as of 9:10 p.m., a bare 10 more than they needed to gain control). While there are still a few contests that are too close to call, compare this to the 63 seats the Democrats lost to the Republicans in 2010, the first midterm of Obama’s presidency, or the 54 in Bill Clinton’s.

Although gridlock can be bad, in that it prevents anything of significance from actually getting done, it can be good, at times, as it helps to prevent either side from going too far, too fast, in promoting its ideological agenda. I would like to think that the outcome of yesterday’s elections is a sign of America’s fundamental moderation, and impatience with extremism on either side, as I suggested in my opening paragraph.

And so it may be. But it’s also possible that it points, instead, to the the growing and hardening of the political gulf between segments of an American voting populace that is split almost down the middle between conservative / populist / traditionalist and liberal / globalist / progressive viewpoints.

If so, the challenges to our “American experiment” may be only growing, as well.


Election Day 2018 (U.S.)

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Today is the day of the midterm general elections, here in the United States. I took advantage of the “early voting” option to exercise my franchise last week, and as I commented at the time, I was very far from the only one!

But as I drove past Mechanicsville Elementary in Gamber, on the way home from work this evening at around 6:40, it was still busy, only a bit over an hour before the polls closed. And the same was true of every polling place I drove past, all day today, and I drove past quite a few of them.

Whatever else can be said about this election cycle, it’s got people stirred up! That’s more to the good than otherwise, I think, regardless of the outcome; in order for our representative, Constitutional Republic to operate effectively, it needs an informed, active electorate. Active they certainly seem to be, this time around – I just hope they’re also informed!

An Anglican clergyman friend of mine posted the following on Facebook today:

As I was driving away from the polling place today I was struck by the thought that I, a Christian monarchist, have resolved to be active in local republicanism. What can I say? There is no king, Christian or otherwise, running for office or who has a chance of being forcibly enthroned by holy reactionary forces. You gotta work with what you have in order to keep the modern Jacobins at bay, but it ain’t ideal.

I am an American Anglican. As an Anglican, monarchy is the natural polity, but as an American, I stand for the traditional rights of Englishmen that modern England and the rest of the UK and the Commonwealth have sold for a mess of collectivist, leftist and PC pottage.

King George III was right, I believe, about how the liberated colonies would come to suffer unduly for the lack of a monarchy, but England and the UK have given up the ghost. The House of Windsor is a vapid imitation of the Kings that went before it, and only in American republicanism is found the true tradition of the Anglo-Saxon kings of old, albeit in a diluted form.

I am an Anglican, and I therefore stand for the Monarch.

But I also stand for the Bill of Rights, which is an enumeration of the rights of Englishmen, and that’s why I will assist in leveraging the republican way here in Henderson County, North Carolina against the forces of American Jacobism and Bolshevism and the clueless “liberals” to their right.

He speaks, in large measure, for me as well. Until the King comes again, the form of government bequeathed to us by our Founders (“A Republic, Madam… if you can keep it!” as Franklin put it) – and to the greatest extent possible, as our Founders bequeathed it to us – is our best available shot at keeping the forces of darkness at bay.

But this election is a concerning one. Those forces of darkness are very strong, and although the mask is slipping, that also means they are relieved of the moderating effects of pretense and subterfuge. We live in trying times…

At Trump Rallies, Women See a Hero Protecting a Way of Life

a group of people in front of a crowd posing for the camera: A rally in Charlotte, N.C., last week. President Trump enjoys a herolike status among women who say he is fighting to preserve a way of life threatened by an increasingly liberal Democratic Party.

President Trump enjoys a hero-like status among women who say he is fighting to preserve a way of life threatened by an increasingly liberal Democratic Party.

Source: At Trump Rallies, Women See a Hero Protecting a Way of Life

They may mock and deride it, but even the mainstream media – including the extremely Left-leaning MSNBC – can’t deny it:

“While political strategists and public opinion experts agree that Mr. Trump’s greatest electoral weakness is among female voters, here in Columbia and places like it, the president enjoys a hero-like status among women who say he is fighting to preserve a way of life threatened by an increasingly liberal [actually Socialist, if not flat-out Marxist… if only it were still classically liberal!] Democratic Party…

“Some of Mr. Trump’s female backers initially supported him only reluctantly or do so now in spite of reservations about his bawdy language and erratic behavior. But they shared in his victory after the bitter and partisan battle over the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. And many believe the president when he reminds them during each of his hour-long pep rallies that the world they know — largely Christian, conservative and white — is at stake on Tuesday.”

Which, of course, is nothing other than the simple truth. Since this is MSNBC, after all, they say “Christian, conservative, and white” like it’s a bad thing… at least the Left isn’t bothering to hide its biases anymore!

It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, November 6th – Election Day.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Didn’t try too hard, either…!

And when the Democratic candidates were dropping in the polls, and Republican ones rising, with a caravan of would-be-illegal-immigrants on the way…? I’m sorry, I don’t claim to know the truth behind the mail-bombs – the perpetrator may indeed be mentally deranged, and acting entirely on his own – but the whole thing still seems just way too convenient, to me!