The Anglophilic Anglican’s Patreon account – information and gratitude

In defense of Western and Christian culture and heritage

We live in a challenging time in history, one in which traditional Western and Christian values, norms, and cultural heritage are under assault from a multitude of sources, including but not limited to militant Islam, militant atheism, and – perhaps even more concerning – widespread apathy and denial.

The Anglophilic Anglican is a blog and social-media project based in the United States but pro-British and pro-European in orientation, which seeks to promote and defend traditional Western and Christian values and the cultural heritage of what was once proudly known as Western Christendom, through original commentary and sharing of relevant content on my blog and various social media platforms [currently working on a YouTube channel, and other venues may be developed as time, money, and energy allows].

Your kind and generous patronage enables me to devote less time and effort to mere subsistence, and more time and effort to this campaign, this task, this sacred duty! If you find this blog and its content to be interesting, inspiring, informative, enjoyable, or in any other way helpful, please consider supporting The Anglophilic Anglican via Patreon.

[Patreon allows interested individuals to support those who they believe are doing useful, beneficial, or otherwise worthy work of a creative nature, to enable them to spend less time merely surviving, and more time creating. In my case, I am creating content and commentary, and hopefully helping to create a defense of the West against those seeking to undermine or overthrow it. For the J.R.R. Tolkien fans among us, think of it as the literary equivalent of defending the Hornburg…]

Any amount is greatly appreciated: as indicated above, the less time and effort I have to spend pursuing subsistence income, the more time and effort I have available to defend the ideals and values of Western and Christian civilization against those who are attacking them, and to inspire others to take up the fight.

As well, of course, as to share interesting and relevant content and commentary on a wide range of topics closely or loosely related to things English / British, Anglican, or traditional (whether European or American). This blog has always had a fairly wide-ranging scope, and that will not cease to be the case, despite my decision to focus on culture and heritage defense. So if your interest is less in the political and metapolitical crisis facing the West, and more in the doings of the Royal Family, Anglicanism, or history, nature, etc., fear not! Such posts will continue to be made: it is just that they will now share space with more political and philosophical offerings.

I leave you with two thoughts – neither original, but both of them cogent and apposite: “We must stand together or we shall surely fall separately,” and “Good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created.” Let’s make sure we’re on the creative side of history!

I thank you very much in advance for your kind and generous patronage.

Yours in service to our common heritage and ideals,

The Anglophilic Anglican