British Prime Minister Theresa May reacting to the recent train-bombing in London by an 18-year-old Islamic immigrant

STEP 1) Feign shock
STEP 2) Express resolve
STEP 3) Say good things about Islam
STEP 4) Pretend that taking in more Muslims “defeats terrorists” and makes us safer

Source: The Religion of Peace


On recognizing the REAL threat to our culture and institutions (hint: it’s not the Right)

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A dear Facebook friend of mine accurately and perceptively posted the following, this morning:

I am constantly being told we need to find common ground and meet in the middle to deal with the alt left and alt right. I just made this reply on a comment on my timeline:

Well, I am not personally concerned with the so-called alt right. I believe that’s all smoke and mirrors meant to pull our focus away from the extreme leftist agenda. Suddenly, everyone is screeching about alt right, kkk, neo nazi, white supremacists… when was the last time you recall a bunch of skinheads pillaging, vandalizing, attacking cops, defacing property, throwing bottles filled with cement at folks and shooting people with paint guns? There is a BIG difference in exercising [our] first amendment right to speech, even if it’s racist in nature and I disagree with it, and being a violent mob that tries to stop free speech and peaceful assembly as well as demand the destruction and removal of anything “offensive.”

There is no middle ground there for me. I will stand by anyone’s constitutional right to express views, contrary to mine or not. I will not even attempt to compromise on the issue of violence and lawlessness. I don’t see how I can find middle ground with folks whose main agenda is the destruction of my nation and my freedom.

Needless to say, I agree completely. Some things should not be compromised on, period, ever. There are radical rightists, of course. Some of them are pictured (if they are authentic, and not planted agents provocateurs) in the top image, above. But they are small potatoes indeed, compared with the large, well-funded, media-savvy, and politically well-connected radical Left, who are actively attempting to destroy not only our historical and cultural heritage, but the very fabric of American society.

Besides, the problem with “finding middle ground” is that the “middle ground” keeps shifting. I saw this with the struggles in the Episcopal Church, back in the 1990s (and later): OK, so you agree to “middle ground.” Well, guess what? You now have 50% of what you once had. And you’ve been pegged as being “willing to compromise.” So then they come back and want to “compromise”… again. If you agree, you’re down to 25%. Then 12.5%. And so on… Nope. Sooner or later, we’ve got to take a stand. Better to do it sooner, while there’s enough ground left to stand on!

It’s one thing to compromise on whether to play checkers or chess, whether to go out or stay in tonight, or even which neighborhood to live in. It’s another thing entirely to compromise on issues like freedom of speech and assembly – and the right to exercise these rights freely, without being broken up by violent assault – or the protection of history and heritage. On these issues, in my opinion, there can be no compromise.

Either one supports the inalienable rights given to us by God and enumerated in the Constitution, or one does not. Either one believes that history should be preserved, even the parts of it which one finds problematic, or one does not. There is no “middle ground.”

Some will attempt to use the Biblical imperative to “love your neighbor as yourself” to justify the actions of the iconoclasts and the barbarians. But a foolish or misplaced compassion is not truly compassion at all. God is a God of truth, as well as a God of love, and a love which is grounded in falsehood is founded on shifting sand and will not long endure. And much of what is going on today is rooted in ignorance of our nation’s history (and the world’s), or worse yet, an unwillingness to even seek the truth.

And this willful ignorance is leading, in too many cases, to violence. Violence against human persons, violence against historical imagery (the difference between Antifa and ISIS has more to do with geography than principle), and violence against the truths of history. As another friend has put it, “it is Kristallnacht in the U.S.” A long, slow-motion Kristallnacht, but I agree. And it is not coming from neo-Nazis or the KKK, but the Left.

When they destroy statues with impunity, can burning books – or, these days, electronically altering them – be far behind? And then, can it be long before they come for us?

As my dear friend so aptly put it:

There is no middle ground there for me. I will stand by anyone’s constitutional right to express views, contrary to mine or not. I will not even attempt to compromise on the issue of violence and lawlessness. I don’t see how I can find middle ground with folks whose main agenda is the destruction of my nation and my freedom.

I stand with her.

In Their Own Words: This Chilling Chant Shows What ‘Antifa’ Fascists are All About

These four words tell you everything you need to know about antifa.

Source: In Their Own Words: This Chilling Chant Shows What ‘Antifa’ Fascists are All About

What are those four words, chanted at the Berkeley “demonstration” on Saturday? Listen for yourself:

Hard to miss: “No Trump. No Wall. No USA at all!”

Note those last four words. Mark them. Ponder them. Consider their implications.

You don’t have to like President Trump. I don’t, particularly, although I do respect him as the Constitutionally-elected President of the United States. You don’t have to agree with the concept of a border wall to keep out illegal immigrants. I think we should keep out illegal immigrants, and deport those who are already here, but I am ambivalent on whether a border wall is the best way to do that.

But… “No USA at all”…?

Yep, the article is correct: that tells you everything you need to know about these… people (and I used the term loosely).

This is what we’re fighting, folks. While the politicians and media and the professional complainers of the Left are whining and moaning about “racists,” “white supremacists,” Nazis, and God knows what-and-all, this is what’s sneaking in the back door. Except that they’re not exactly sneaking, anymore. More like breaking down the front door!

And we’re not fighting it; too many Americans are embracing it, or – what is almost as bad – ignoring it, and hoping it’ll go away. But it won’t. It’s a disease, a cancer, and if we don’t oppose it, actively and vigorously, it will spread and worsen.

“No USA at all.”

Is this what we want? Really?

Anti-history Protesters are Destroying Tourism in Gettysburg

For their refusal to surrender fact to immature and insecure emotion, the museum, along with the battlefield will be subjected to militant anti-history protests planned by Antifa groups on the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. These Antifa groups plan to burn Confederate battle flags and desecrate graves.

Source: Anti-history Protesters are Destroying Tourism in Gettysburg

And kudos to the Gettysburg Museum of History for refusing to give in to the dictates of political correctness, of which “Antifa” is the logical (if that word even applies) outcome:

Would that more people and institutions applied similar high standards!

“Antifa” supposedly stands for “Anti-Fascist.” Yet they are not only fascistic themselves – if by that is meant violent and totalitarian – but in some ways at least, worse than fascists: fascists, whatever their other faults, at least loved their own people. These barely-human scum hate their own people, and their own heritage. They seem to think that destruction of history and desecration of the memorials – including, reportedly, grave-sites – to men who were more courageous than the likes of these scoundrels can even imagine is somehow an acceptable way to demonstrate that “Love Trumps Hate.”

Of course, slogans like that are just for show. Their real motives and goals are far more sinister and far-reaching, and history – at Gettysburg or elsewhere – is not all they want to destroy. This is part and parcel of the larger assault on Western civilization itself (as recounted in numerous posts on this blog and far more numerous accounts elsewhere), and the creation of a “brave new world” of their own ideological design, out of the rubble. And history is a goal for the destroyers because a rootless people, a people severed from a strong and sympathetic sense of their own past, is a people weakened and vulnerable to ideological assaults.

Slime-buckets like “Antifa” claim to be part of a “resistance” against the policies (and person) of the current US President. But whatever one’s thoughts on President Trump, it is ruffians like this that truly need to be resisted. As the inscription graven in stone above the National Archives so accurately puts it, “What is past, is prologue.” Those who seek to destroy the past are undermining both present and future.

Resist them!

Queen and Country, God and Guns – The Burning Platform

Source: Queen and Country, God and Guns – The Burning Platform

Sad but brilliant post by a Brit, who sees the way things in the UK are going, all too clearly…

Governments which no longer guarantee the security of their citizens are worthless, and those that disallow the right to defend oneself are worse than negligent, they are clearly dangerous to support in any way. People here are beginning to get this, but I still feel it’s too late to prevent the rivers of blood alluded to by the brilliant Enoch Powell, king of ‘racialists,’ true patriot and martyr…

Such are the times we live in. My American friends, you are surely aware that you don’t have to own a gun to fight like hell to retain your right to bear arms, as well as the freedom to play anything you damn well please on your karaoke machines. Preserve those rights, defend them, they are more precious than you know. Never sell them. Never soften.

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall meet those injured in the London Bridge attack. | The Royal Family

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have visited those injured in the London Bridge terrorists incident, and met the medical staff and emergency services who responded during the attack.

Source: The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall meet those injured in the London Bridge attack. | The Royal Family

How To Fight Islamic Terrorism – Part III – BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN

Source: How To Fight Islamic Terrorism – Part III – BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN

” It is essential that we understand this: We are not only fighting terrorists. We are fighting Islamic terrorists. There is a huge difference and since some like to state that the IRA was just as bad, let me use that as an example: The IRA wanted all of Ireland to be under Irish rule. Isis wants most or all of Europe to be under Islamic rule. Anyone who can’t see the difference, is either lying or too dumb to have read this far. The point is: If you can not identify your enemy, you can not effectively fight a war.”

Commonsense recommendations on how to fight Islamic terrorism, from Norse author and blogger Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen. Bjørn writes from Norway, and this article is directed primarily toward England – in light of the most recent vehicle- and stabbing attack by jihadist militants – but it applies across Europe and in the U.S., too. Part 3 of 3.